Photoshop Classes

One-on-One Instruction


Learn Photoshop at your own pace. Are you looking to improve your knowledge of the tools and features that are in Photoshop or go even further and learn advanced techniques that will help you develop your post production skills. Whatever your interests and needs are, that's what we'll cover in this one-on-one workshop.

Classes will be taught using either Adobe Photoshop Elements or Photoshop CS5, or which ever version of the software you are currently using. Garry started using Photoshop in 1997, he will teach you what he has learned through the years about post-processing pictures in Photoshop from a photographer's perspective. Photoshop is a vast and complicated program, but you'll learn the necessary tools and skills so that you'll be able to correct, enhance and alter your pictures. And most importantly you'll learn how to recognize what adjustments are needed in order to create an image with greater impact.

By far, the most effective way to learn Photoshop is with individual one-on-one classes. These courses are completely individualized to each student, that way you learn exactly what you need and want to know about Photoshop. This course is completely hands-on, by having you actually go through all of the steps using Photoshop right along side with Garry. Using this method of teaching has proven to be extremely successful. The students have a better understanding of the tools and techniques used, along with with a much higher degree of memory retention of everything that they've learned.

The individually customized classes will be taught on a one-on-one basis and be completely geared to the needs of the student.

What is your technical level in Photoshop: 

1. Beginner (know very little about Photoshop)
2. Intermediate (have knowledge of some features of Photoshop and can do basic corrections)
3. Advanced (can use most of the features of Photoshop)

As the classes will be taught on an ongoing basis, you pick the dates and times. They can be held either during the week or on weekends and on evenings.

Classes will be held in Garry's studio at his residence in Orleans .

Private classes will be taught in one 3-hour session. The fee the private One-on-One workshop is  $200.00 + HST.

If you are interested in these classes or would like more information, contact Garry at  e-mail   or 613-824-9295




Learn the basics of Photoshop online

Over the years as an instructor, Garry has learned that teaching group classes of Photoshop isn't really a very effective way of learning Photoshop. "What I found was that in these classes everyone's photographic interest and their Photoshop skill levels were all over the place. And that with the more complicated techniques, people tended to forget more than they remembered." It is however a good way to cover the basics of Photoshop, but I also think that the video online tutorials at Lynda.com are even a more effective way for learning the basics.

Photoshop tutorials

Each one of training courses offers several Free tutorials. They really get you with those, once you've watched a couple of them I'm pretty sure you will sign up to get access all of the videos.

My recommendation is to sign up for a month. It only costs $25. and for that you will have unlimited access to all of the videos. So you can watch an instructional video, try it out on your own images and if it doesn't quite work out properly, go back and watch the video again. If you think this is for you, I'd recommend after you have learned from these lessons come and take one of my one-on-one classes to learn how to put all of that knowledge into practical use!